Accessibility Engineering

Are you facing questions, concerns, and requirements about your content accessibility?

We help confirm you comply with Section 508, American with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Audit Services

Our specialists evaluate the accessibility and compliance level of your website or application and develop a clear remediation strategy. We use our cutting-edge technology to create more efficient, smarter audits that are tailored around your data and the structure of your site. This way we can offer comprehensive testing that gives you the best picture of your system’s accessibility and compliance level.

We perform comprehensive manual testing using a variety of methods, including functional testing using leading assistive technology. This way we can find all the different issues that end users could encounter when looking to accomplish key tasks or navigate through your system.


Don’t settle for a download of information. With live demonstrations and hands-on exercises, your team will understand how to integrate accessibility into their daily practices and workflow. We incorporate your business goals and environment to craft a fully personalized learning experience.

By using our customers’ own design and development as a cornerstone for all our teaching exercises, we provide practical and actionable approaches to implementing web standards and web accessibility requirements. We’ll also ensure that your digital creations are easy to use and create great experiences for people with disabilities.

On-Demand Expert Support

Digital accessibility can be complicated work, but it can be made simpler and easier with the right help and guidance from experts. We can provide on-demand assistance for accessibility efforts with a team comprised of the best analysts, testers, and developers in the field. 

So, at key times you can let us take the lead on accessibility while your team focuses on what they do best. 

Our specialists can perform critical tasks related to accessibility on-demand in order to meet your changing needs at any time, across the software development lifecycle. Whether its testing certain pages with a particular assistive technology or consulting on new technology, your team will have the best resources available exactly when needed, without having to figure it all out on their own.

Document Remediation

Many accessibility standards require that electronic documents be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This includes those in the popular Portable Document Format (PDF). We can help your organization quickly and easily bring large document collections into compliance with relevant standards.

Strategic Consulting

View your entire business through the lens of accessibility experts.

We help your organization determine which of your technologies, products, and services are covered by specific provisions in digital accessibility laws. We’ll also help you prioritize them so that you can focus on the most important issues and use the results to drive any other digital accessibility efforts.

The inventory will first define the set of systems that should be covered, then include initial automated testing across those systems, and finally will prioritize subsequent digital accessibility efforts quantitatively.