Accessibility Engineering

Assessment, Remediation, and Coaching

Accessibility is about cultivating a practice of inclusion. Digital accessibility is about ensuring that digital products work well for everybody, regardless of ability. We are committed to digital accessibility so everyone can take advantage of all the features and functions your products and services offer.

Are you facing questions, concerns, and requirements about your content accessibility? We can help confirm you meet the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Technoquill offers a comprehensive Digital Accessibility Program in two phases. You can engage at the level that meets your needs.

Phase One

We present your team with an accessibility awareness program called Accessibility 101. The program includes introductory content to increase awareness and understanding of accessibility concepts, and three free checklists to get you started on assessing your accessibility needs.

Phase Two

We provide comprehensive accessibility assessment and remediation for the digital assets you choose. The expert assessment comprises a combination of automatic and manual techniques that produce a complete picture of your needs. Our report is expertly organized by finding and also provides breakdowns by severity, disability category, and more. Our assessment is based on WCAG 2.1 AA standards, but can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

If you select remediation services, we provide expert guidance for your developers to fix the issues. We retest fixed issues to ensure compliance.

User-Centered Design

We provide end-to-end UX design for new and existing software. The design process includes ideation, low-fidelity mock-ups, and high fidelity prototypes. We employ lean UX methodologies that leverage rapid prototyping and iterative design to achieve the desired results. Our considerable experience in higher education means that we understand the UX needs of the academic community.

User Research and Testing

User research is critical for understanding your users and developing good requirements and user stories. We help through persona development, contextual inquiries, and user journey mapping.

We can create and facilitate robust formative and summative user testing programs, or organize lean methods of gathering user feedback. A data-driven approach provides metrics and measurable results.

Vendor Selection

In the market for a software solution? Before you make a significant investment, we use a combination of user research and heuristic evaluation to help you decide which software best meets the needs of your users. We can participate in the implementation process as well, ensuring user satisfaction and adherence to a high-quality user experience.